Patent-pending technology

At the core of Tradefora is our patent-pending algorithm, which performs an effective evaluation of online brokers on over-the-counter traded financial assets.

We believe in transparency between Broker and Trader, so we are providing traders with a product which can help them determine if a broker is treating their clients fairly and providing excellent execution services.

Currency pairs, metals & CFDs
Crypto instruments
Active brokers
Big Data and Machine Learning is at the heart of Tradefora

Our platform allows us to collect and analyze price feeds from thousands of trading accounts with hundreds of brokers in real-time with millisecond precision. There can be up to 10 ticks per second for just one instrument and we keep them all for you.

Tradefora brings all your trading tools together

True Execution Cost
  • Understand your true execution costs with full trade route analytics and network delay costs.
  • Each transaction is analyzed, compared to thousands of other transactions and assigned a score.
Tradefora Composite Index (TCI)
  • The most accurate price index on the market.
  • Aggregated price from 100+ brokers to deliver True Market Average Benchmark.
  • Pre-trade and post-trade millisecond analysis of every transaction.
  • Find out what happened milliseconds after your transaction was received by the broker.
Execution Scorecard
  • Track actual paid spreads, commissions and swaps.
  • See historical trends and statistics.
Network Delay Monitor
  • Discover how much network delay is costing you on each trade.
One-click setup
  • Connect and analyze any number of MT4 and MT5 accounts.
  • Automatically import trading history.
Historical tick-data
  • Millisecond precision data from 100+ brokers.
  • Live streaming charts.
  • Easily spot irregularities in your broker price feed