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Market Price & Broker Costs

The Tradefora data engine captures over 200K data points
every minute and makes millisecond precision data available
for you in real-time

Millisecond precision price ticks

  • Easily spot irregularities in broker price feeds by comparing to market average prices
  • Enjoy 150+ supported
    instruments including Forex,
    Metals, CFDs, and 20+ cryptocurrencies
  • Search with millisecond precision
    tick data for each broker across
    all supported instruments
  • Choose from a variety of time frames/tick precision
  • Compare multiple brokers with each
    other and the Tradefora Composite
    Index (TCI)
  • Get real-time tick updates

Live TradeGuard

Stay in control of each trade down to the millisecond!

Every trader knows that it always feels like time slows down whenever you submit a trading order and are waiting for the broker to confirm. Often times, it feels as if the broker is deliberately waiting for the trade to go against you before the execution takes place. Tradoscope can finally put an end to this guessing game.

Tradoscope is our great proprietary tool that lets you look behind the dealer screen while your trade is pending.

  • Zoom in on every trade to see what took place Before, After, and During the time your order was received by the broker
  • See how your broker was quoting you compared to other clients
  • Compare the pricing behaviors of your broker to the rest of the market

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Execution Scorecard

Get insight on every trade execution speed down to millisecond
Compare your latency on Opening vs. Closing orders
Take your own network delay under control


Tradefora Expert Advisor allows you to stay in control of each and every trade down to the millisecond.
The advisor captures information about orders and transactions, as well as the time it took your broker to
process your order.

Manual TradeGuard

Gain a 360-degree view of your trading account transaction analytics
with the Execution Scorecard tool utilizing 15 critical metrics.