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Tradefora offers a full suite of solutions to help brokers comply with best execution regulatory requirements while improving their buttom line.


RTS 27/28Best Execution Compliance Solution
DataGuardData Management Solution
TradeGuardData Management Solution
FeedGuardPrice Feed Monitoring Solution
RTS 27/28Best Execution Compliance Solution
RTS 27/28
MiFID II Best Execution Reporting
Tradefora provides turnkey solution for RTS 27 (Best Execution) and RTS 28 (Top 5 Execution Venues) reporting automation under the MiFID II regulatory requirements.
  • Generation of RTS 27 Reporting Tables
  • Routing volumes of Top 5 execution venues (RTS 28)
  • Powerful reporting portal to manage all tables and access all data
  • Convenient output format for report publication
  • 1 year FREE market data storage plan for up to 100 instruments
  • Real-time best execution monitoring
  • Fast onboarding
DataGuardData Management Solution
Market Data Storage and Visualisation
DataGuard is a cost-effective solution for market data storage, analytics and visualization, which lets brokers take full control of their market data while offering greater actionable insights into price feed composition.
  • Never Miss a Tick
  • Live Access To All Data
  • Simplify regulatory compliance and trade related dispute resolution
  • Advanced Analytics and Data Visualization Tools
  • Secure and Compliant
  • Hassle Free Integration
  • Set Your Price
TradeGuardData Management Solution
Historic and Live Order Verification Tool
TradeGuard allows brokers to demonstrate the execution quality to their clients in real-time. It provides unparalleled transparency and can really differentiate brokers with great execution from the rest of the competitors.
  • Unparalleled transparency
  • Increased customer trust
  • Improved conversions
  • Reduced trade-related complaints
  • Web-compatibility (JSON API or iFrame integrations)
FeedGuardPrice Feed Monitoring Solution
Real-time Alert Sand Price Feed Analytics Tool
FeedGuard is a real-time price feed monitoring and analytics tool for brokers, which allows to generate alerts and provides unparalleled view into the quality of the price feeds.
  • Advanced real-time analytics dashboard
  • Detailed reports (Top of the Book, spread, market depth and refresh rate)
  • Multiple filter selection (by instrument, size, market session, major news)
  • Easily configurable sensitivity for FeedGuard Alerts
    • By millisecond
    • Instant alerts delivery system
  • Machine learning algorithms
  • Instant alerts delivery system