Customer Testimonials

Executive Director (EverFX) /  Marios Antoniou
Tradefora’s RTS 27 solution was able to address all our concerns and accommodate our advanced institutional level liquidity price feeds from multiple LPs and hedging architecture across our entire book of business. All the 8 reporting tables for RTS27 were delivered in full and in a timely manner. Additionally, we were very pleased with the ability of Tradefora’s team to handle market data collection and storage needs for hundreds of our instruments tick-by-tick with full market depth, while offering us a way to access this data via DataGuard solution.
Trader /  Huang Tianfeng
I have been trading and doing business with OTC markets for over 15 years. Tradefora’s innovation is a much needed breath of fresh air for the entire industry. Unlike the days when I first started, the trading becomes more and more automated. The market moves are too fast and quote refresh rates can reach hundreds of times per second. The true trading costs are hidden in millisecond execution delays, slippages, requotes and rejects. None of that can be measured with naked eye and without highly specialized tools. Tradefora is first and only tool that I know, which puts the over the counter market into the open. It provides a great and clear way to compare accounts and rank brokers on their true execution quality and trading costs.
Trader /  Wang Bo
Tradefora is an amazing tool, easy to use and the first tool that allows me to compare my the performance of my automated trading strategies on different brokers. Through their pricing and execution scores on a trade by trade basis I can see exactly how each broker account ranks against each other based on the total cost per million traded. Love the fact that it's free too!
Trader /  Jiang Lijun
I am an FX analyst with many years of trading experience. Tradefora’s innovation brings broker execution practices to light. Every broker nowadays is saying how tight their spreads are or how fast their execution is, or how deep the liquidity. But it can vary drastically by accounts and geo-locations. Tradefora levels the playing field and shows true ranking on a per account basis. Ideal tool for selecting a perfect broker fit for an automated trading strategy.
Trader /  Rose
I believe Tradefora is a great free tool, which every trader should use. It works automatically with any MT4 account and manually allows to check the execution quality for any platform across all most popular trading instruments. It is the only solution on the market that allows traders like myself to truly control their trading costs and execution quality.

Media about Tradefora

CEO /  Cheng Bingqi
Tradefora is the industry's first fully automated analytical tool for individual traders, technically enabling accurate monitoring and transparent quoting to truly protect the interests of investors. We hope that Tradefora will not forget the initial intention and use the high-quality products to promote the health, transparency and more effective development of the foreign exchange market.
CEO /  Kevin
TRADEFORA is a great tool for users to choose the platform and compare the transaction cost of the platform. Really great. Users of the YoCajr Financial Network website have been using this tool for half a year. The feedback is great. I wish Pavel his TRADEFORA Project better and better!
Tradefora, a technology data company that serves the financial industry, integrates industry-leading brokerage resources to provide unbiased third-party monitoring data. It has given retail forex trading customers more transaction assistance, provided transaction monitoring for brokers, provide data storage tools for regulators, thus implementing a Trinity of data service. I hope that Tradefora will continue to lead the innovation service in the field of best execution monitoring!
As a third-party financial service company in the industry, Tradefora provides more investors with choices, complete platform information display, comprehensive and clear display of broker advantages and disadvantages, and convenient for users to better understand the broker regulatory status and other information. Since the contact with Tradefora, professionalism and comprehensive approach is the consistent style of Tradefora. Tradefora is based in finance, serving financial industry and has a bright future.
Tradefora is a third-party technology company that provides market transparency for multi-dimensional monitoring. Fair data monitoring, complete platform information display, and integration of numerous broker resources have made Tradefora recognized by all parties at home and abroad. I hope that Tradefora will take advantage of the advantages and make a better contribution to the industry.

Partners Testimonials

We are pleased to have partnered with Tradefora to provide our broker members and traders with their unique solutions for analyzing pricing and trading costs, including spreads, commissions and swaps, as well as hidden costs like slippage and other key execution metrics. Tradefora’s technology helps our broker members unsure they are providing the best possible prices to their clients and traders get a better understanding of the quality of their trade executions. Over the last few months, the Tradefora TCI (Tradefora Composite Index) has become a popular resource for traders and brokers to validate the quality of trade execution directly on the Financial Commission website. This new approach is a great next step for our industry and we wish the Tradefora team continued success in expanding pricing and execution transparency for all.
Serenity Financial
Founder /  Stanislav Vaneev
Tradefora is the first commercially available solution in the market that enables real-time verification of the trade execution quality by comparing over a hundred forex brokers’ pricing. They provide us with a truly acceptable market range for all major FX, metals, energy and crypto pairs. Based on this range our broker clients can demonstrate in near real-time true quality of execution and pricing fills. This fits perfectly into the ecosystem of Serenity Financial, which is designed to protect traders’ interests through smart contract escrow and trade execution quality verification.