Execution matters - and we take trade execution quality very seriously at Tradefora. We are proud to present our most advanced feature for deep execution analysis, which gives you unprecedented control of your trading activity.

Tradeguard in depth

Know how your execution price compares to the market average

  • Our unique TradeGuard feature will tell you exactly how good or bad your execution price was compared to the market average.
  • TradeGuard will automatically assign a quality score for each of your trades depending on the execution speed and the price the broker quoted compared to the TCI (Tradefora Composite Index) market average.
  • Automated TradeGuard is the most advanced Trading Cost Analytics and execution metric tools on the market available to retail traders. And it is completely FREE!

Instant Trade Score

Automated TradeGuard technology evaluates each trade compared to your execution price against TCI market average as well as against your broker’s BID/ASK prices before and after the trade with millisecond precision. The resulting 5 score levels are based on which quantile the trade price falls into in the TCI statistical distribution for that timestamp using Box Plots statistical methods.

  • Automated TradeGuard
  • Manual TradeGuard

A fully automated trading cost and execution quality tool.
Simply connect your trading account to Tradefora and let us do the rest

Easy Setup. Install Tradefora EA on your MT4 trading platform and see the full breakdown of your trading costs, your connection speed, broker server execution speed, slippage, price re-quotes, price rejects, and a total of 15 other crucial performance metrics.
Install Tradefora EA on your MT4 trading platform
Millisecond precision on pre- and post-trade analytics. See the detailed breakdown of pre-trade and post-trade market behavior with millisecond precision market comparisons around the time of your trade.
See the detailed breakdown of pre-trade and post trade market behaviour with millisecond precision market comparison around the time of your trade
Tradoscope. Auto TradeGuard includes the Tradoscope component, which plots a chart of tick-by-tick market average data vs. your broker executed price and displays if the price moved against you while the broker was waiting to confirm the order very clearly.
Auto TradeGuard includes Tradoscope component