Tradefora объявляет о партнёрстве с Serenity Escrow по верификации торгового исполнения.

Dear Friends,

We are very excited to announce the launch of Tradefora’s TradeGuard real-time transaction analytics tool on Serenity Escrow live trading platform. Serenity is the first blockchain escrow trading platform that protects traders’ interests through smart contracts. Through Tradefora’s API Serenity platform automatically verifies that the trade was executed at a fair market price and settles the funds between brokers and traders via smart contracts.

TradeGuard compares execution prices of your broker with market average benchmark represented by Tradefora Composite Index, which is comprised of 80+ brokers. Serenity clients can check and verify opening and closing prices provided by their brokers on every trade directly inside their Member Area and get an instant trade quality score by comparing it to the market average.

Real-time TradeGuard Integration Demo

To allow for more enhanced user experience, TradeGuard API provides charting visualization that is now also visible directly inside Serenity’s Personal Area. There market comparison tables display the minimum, maximum and average pricing of the market alongside your broker’s own pricing. All the prices are shown before and after the trade was executed to allow for pre-trade and post-trade analytics with millisecond precision. Such visualization makes it very easy for the trader to see how close or how far from the market average the execution took place.

Market Average vs. Broker Pricing Charts

Traders who use the built-in TradeGuard transaction analysis system are always aware whether the prices offered by their broker are relevant and within an acceptable market-range.

TradeGuard is based on the Tradefora’s patent-pending technology. It’s capable of processing enormous amounts of data across 140+ trading instruments received from 80+ brokers in real time with millisecond accuracy.

Transaction View under the Tradoscope

In order to check the trade execution quality, traders can simply login to their trading account, find the transaction of interest and click on Tradefora logo. The system will then connect to Tradefora’s database via API and provide a trader with full detailed view.

Vasily Alexeev, Serenity CTO:

“Tradefora is a unique system, which fully matches Serenity’s philosophy: protect traders on over-the-counter markets using bleeding edge technology. This partnership is the next logical step for us on our mission to provide an all-embracing solution for safe trading. The system of trade analysis will take brokers to a whole new level of integrity with clients. It will become easier for them to make trading decisions and always be aware of how favorable the prices offered by their broker are”.

Pavel Khizhnyak, Tradefora Co-founder/CEO:

“We are extremely delighted to see Serenity complete live integration of their Trading Platform with Tradefora’s Automated TradeGuard API. This is OTC’s industry’s first successful case of fully automated real-time trade verification and marks a very important milestone on the road to greater transparency in OTC markets. This integration provides Serenity’s clients with a peace of mind, knowing that their trades are being constantly monitored and protected by Tradefora’s TradeGuard and Serenity’s smart contract technology. We believe that it will open the doors to more brokers to use our API to showcase their execution quality to their clients. We are constantly pushing the envelope for more innovation and happy to work together with Serenity’s team to pursue higher execution and transparency standards in the FX, CFD and crypto markets”.