TradeGuard allows brokers to demonstrate the execution quality to their clients in real-time. It provides unparalleled transparency and can really differentiate brokers with great execution from the rest of the competitors.

How does it work?

  • TradeGuard is one of the most popular features among the early adopters of Tradefora, including both brokers and traders.
  • It works in real-time by scoring each trade against the trade blotter to determine if it was executed within the acceptable market range.
  • Trade blotter is based on the Tradefora Composite Index (TCI), which is using real-time pricing from 100+ brokers across 140 supported instruments in order to obtain an aggregated average market price.
  • This market price is used as a benchmark reference point to assess the quality of trade execution.
Tradeguard screenshot
TradeGuard widget can be integrated into broker's website using IFrame. Non-web based applications can integrate TradeGuard through REST API.
Json Rest API  with built-in  IFrame rendering
Any broker can plugin this system into a webpage, Client Portal or web-based trading platforms.

Onboarding Process:

2 Steps

  1. Preliminary Bulk Order Check for the execution quality (up to 100,000 orders)
  2. TradeGuard deployment (IFrame) or integration