RTS 27/28


Tradefora provides turnkey solution for RTS 27 (Best Execution) and RTS 28 (Top 5 Execution Venues) reporting automation under the MiFID II regulatory requirements.

Key Features

  • Generation of RTS 27 Reporting Tables
  • Routing volumes of Top 5 execution venues (RTS 28)
  • Powerful reporting portal to manage all tables and access all data
  • Convenient output format for report publication
  • 1 year FREE market data storage plan for up to 100 instruments
  • Real-time best execution monitoring
  • Fast onboarding

Solutions going beyond RTS 27

In addition to the automation of RTS 27/28, Tradefora has conceived solutions that will improve broker’s performance.

  • Advanced Business Intelligence:

    Transform your data into actionable intelligence to identify areas of growth and improvement

  • Data Archiving:

    Store data for regulatory and business intelligence purposes without any limitations

  • Convenient Data Lookup:

    Pull up any market or execution data with DataGuard feature

  • External Prices Comparison:

    Compare your prices with over 100 brokers

Tradefora is your trusted partner for Regulatory Reporting.
RTS 27 screenshot
RTS 27 screenshot 2