Tradefora’s FeedGuard is a real-time price feed monitoring and analytics tool for brokers, which allows to generate alerts and provides unparalleled view into the quality of the price feeds.

FeedGuard Key

  1. Advanced real-time analytics dashboard
  2. Detailed reports (Top of the Book, spread, market depth and refresh rate)
  3. Multiple filter selection (by instrument, size, market session, major news)
  4. Easily configurable sensitivity for FeedGuard Alerts
    • By millisecond
    • By deviation from market benchmark levels
  5. Machine learning algorithms
  6. Instant alerts delivery system
Feedguard screenshot 2
Feedguard screenshot

Latency Radar

Detects latencies in broker’s price feed and sends real-time alerts for a broker whenever a specified latency is detected on any of the broker instruments compared to Tradefora Composite Index.

Spike Alert

Off-market quote alerts - real-time automated notification for a broker whenever an off-market quote is detected.

Stale Price Alert

Alerts on prices that stopped updating - real-time automated notification to a broker whenever stale pricing is detected on any instrument.