MiFID II requires firms to keep extensive records of all transactions, communications, services and activities for 10 years, in order for them to be able to provide transparency into the trade life cycle. DataGuard provides perfect reconstruction tools for your compliance team.
DataGuard is a cost-effective solution for market data storage,analytics and visualization, which lets brokers take full control of their market data while offering greater actionable insights into price feed composition.
DataGuard ToBL chartDataGuard Fizx browser screen

7 Benefits of DataGuard

  1. Never Miss a Tick
    Unlimited market data storage in highly optimized format
  2. Live Access To All Data
    Pull any historic price point across all your instruments up to 25 levels of market depth format
  3. Simplify regulatory compliance and trade related dispute resolution
    Take control of your market data – no more log parsing or asking your LPs
  4. Advanced Analytics and Data Visualization Tools
    Top of Book, Spreads, Market Depth and Refresh Rate visual reporting
  5. Secure and Compliant
    Secure, GDPR compliant Amazon (AWS) facilities with triple redundancy and DataGuard proprietary powerful data compression algo
  6. Hassle Free Integration
    You provide us with FIX API and we do the rest
  7. Set Your Price
    Chose the price that works for you based on combination of live and cold data storage options