General Questions

    Why should I use Tradefora?

    Tradefora is industry’s first fully automated trading cost analytics (TCA) and execution quality engine. Tradefora is fast, free and fully automated service. You will no longer have to guess if your trade was executed at a fair market price or not. Besides, we provide you the detailed breakdown of each trade, so you will know exactly how much spreads, commissions and swaps you paid. But most importantly, you will see exactly how much your hidden trading costs such as slippage and network delay are costing you in real dollar value. Our research shows that trading costs can amount to over 60% of client’s losses and can make a whole difference between winning and losing strategy. If you consider yourself an active trader – Tradefora is one tool you must use to keep your costs and trading execution under control.

    What to do if I can’t register?

    If you do not have an invitation email for Beta early access, please leave your information on the Feedback Form and we will add you to the service subscriber list and notify you when the subscription becomes available.

    How does Tradefora work?

    Tradefora is using state of the art patent-pending technology for aggregating tick-by-tick pricing data from thousands of trading accounts in real-time to get the market average benchmark, aka Tradefora Composite Index (TCI). Then this benchmark is used to cross reference each of your trades while also accounting for visible (spreads, commission, swaps) and invisible costs (slippage, client network delay and broker server delay). This way you get a full clear picture of pre-trade and post-trade analytics and can measure exactly your visible and invisible trading cost per trade and per million traded for each connected account and even by each instrument with millisecond precision.

    Can I use Tradefora if my broker is not supported?

    Yes, you can. Great news is, even if you can’t find your broker inside the system broker dropdown – as long as you are trading on MT4 – you can use Tradefora analytics.

    What is Automated TradeGuard?

    Automated TradeGuard is one of Tradefora’s unique features that automatically scans each trade, spots outliers and assigns the quality score to each trade from 1-5 depending on it deviation from the market average price. TradeGuard is also measuring metrics such as slippage, execution speed and server connection speed during the time of the trade.

    What trading platforms does Tradefora support?

    We support MT4 platform at the moment. MT5 and other platforms are coming soon.

    Is Tradefora showing my account information in real-time?

    The account information is displayed with some delay depending on our system servers workload.

    I have new cool feature suggestion for Tradefora, who do I talk to?

    We love new ideas and always excited to hear about them! Please use the Feedback form on our website to share them with us! We will pay you back by including you into the first pool of beta-users.

    Do I need to pay for your service?

    No, Tradefora was made by the traders and for the traders. We do not charge anything to use Tradefora services at the moment.

    Is my private and trading information secure?

    Yes, we utilize latest security protocols and encrypted connectivity to protect your information from any authorized access. Besides that, we do not share your private information or trading statistics with any 3rd parties. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more details.

    How long does it take to add a new trading account?

    It takes only a few clicks and installation of the Tradefora EA. Your Tradefora account can be up and running in less than 1 minute.

    I hope you can add my broker to Tradefora analytics, how to make a suggestion?

    We welcome new ideas and suggestions, however we can’t guarantee or promise that we will add all the brokers requested. Each broker needs to pass our internal review first. Please use the Contact Us Form to suggest a new broker.

    What does each trade quality score mean and how is it calculated?

    We evaluate each trade compared to your execution price vs. the market average (i.e. Tradefora Composite Index) as well as against your broker BID/ASK prices before and after the trade execution took place with millisecond precision. Depending on the price, your trade is assigned one of the 5 different scores. The scores are based on which quantile the trade price falls in the TCI statistical distribution for that timestamp using Box Plots statistical method.


    Each box plot is based on the client’s trading account intervals, based on which the following quartiles are calculated:

    1. Outlier - if trade was executed outside on the worst price outside of the statistical range

    2. Poor - if trade was executed at the price worse than the market average, but inside the 75 - 100% price range for Long trades or the 0 - 25% price range for Short trades

    3. Average - if trade was executed inside the market average, i.e. 25 - 75% quartile for both Long and Short trades

    4. Above Average -  if trade was executed at the price better than market average inside the 0 - 25% price range for Long trades or 75 - 100% for Short trades


    5. Awesome - if the trade was executed at the price outside the market rage, but best for the client, i.e. below the lowest available price quartile for Long trades or below the highest available price for Short trades

    Can I use Tradefora on Mac?

    Yes, you can use Tradefora on Mac to view your stats inside the Tradefora Member Area, however you will not be able to run Tradefora EA on Mac.

    Will Tradefora slow down my MT4 or my computer?

    Your computer performance should not be affected by running Tradefora EA.

    Which browsers do you currently support?

    We currently support the most popular browsers - Chrome, Firefox, Safari.

    How do I get started?

    It’s easy. If you have been selected among the lucky privileged few to be invited to the first user pool, simply login to the Member Area, go to Overview and click on “Add Account” tab. From there install Tradefora EA onto your MT4 platform and activate it with your Assistant Code. That’s it! We will take it from there. Our EA will automatically pull all the trading history from your connected account into the Member Area and start analyzing all your transactions going forward.

    How frequently is the data updated?

    The data is updated in real-time with some server load delay. However, please note that it may take several minutes to do the initial sync of your trading account. The more trading history you have, the longer it will take for the initial system sync, so plz be patient with us during the setup. Ones the system is synced, the data will be pulled automatically into the Member Area as long as your MT4 EA is connected to the Internet and is running.

    Are there any limits to the number of accounts I can add?

    There are no hard restrictions at the moment, however, given that each account increases our server load, we would advise you to keep the account number under 5 per user.

    What is Tradoscope?

    Tradoscope is our proprietary tool that allows you to see how the average market prices (TCI) were moving moving compared to your broker pricing behavior from the moment your order was sent out to the moment it was executed with millisecond precision.

    How does Tradefora Composite Index (TCI) work?

    Tradefora Composite Index (TCI) works by aggregating clients' accounts from 100+ brokers in real-time to compile a “true market average” pricing, which you can use as a reference point to see if your trade was executed within the appropriate range or not.

    Can I use Tradefora on mobile device?

    Yes, we have designed Tradefora to be mobile-friendly tool. You can use your mobile device or tablet to login and view your Tradefora stats anywhere.

    What are the minimum system requirements for using Tradefora?

    There are no specific requirements to view your trade details and account statistics on the Tradefora website. For running EA, you would need to meet the same requirements that are set for the Metatrader 4 platform.