Making the Forex market better,
more transparent and
more effective

Tradefora's founding mission is to help protect the interests of each retail trader and to bring transparency to the OTC FX, CFDs, and margin crypto trading.

It is privately funded by OTC industry veterans and not associated with any broker and therefore aimed at providing an impartial 360-degree view of the behind the scenes pre-trade and post-trade pricing and execution behaviors.

Making Forex market better

Striving for transparency

Our research, based on 20+ years of market data, reveals that over 60% of client losses can be attributed to various visible and hidden trading costs, i.e slippage, execution delays, etc. Given the decentralized nature of the market, most traders have no way of knowing what the actual average market price was during the time of the trade and what execution speed their broker is capable of delivering, which leads many traders to unwittingly use subpar or off-market pricing and poor broker execution performance. We strive to help traders see the full market picture and make smart data-driven decisions.

Striving for transparency

Building unique tools for traders

With several years dedicated to the making of Tradefora, we wanted to make sure Tradefora delivers the high performance and convenience that our clients have come to expect. We put together an industry first toolkit for Trading Cost Analytics (TCA) and Automated Trade Execution Scoring available for every trader without any fees.

Big Data company

Every minute we capture, analyze, and store 200K of data points with millisecond precision. We achieve this goal by using various Big Data technologies and patent-pending algorithms to analyze thousands of data points coming from thousands of trading accounts across the 100+ most popular global FX brokers in real-time every second.

Big Data company
Execution quality really does matter and can amount to the largest share of your trading losses. It is the single most decisive factor in making a losing or winning trade strategy. Yet, this has remained the most elusive and secretive topic among the forex websites and service portals. Until now.
Now, thanks to Tradefora, there is finally a convenient and fully automated way to collect and compare your true trading execution statistics to other traders and brokers.